The Triumphant Christmas Tale of a Turkey Hen Named Judi the Cutie

One day a few weeks ago a lovely turkey hen named Judi the Cutie received a rather intriguing piece of mail. It was an invitation to attend the Lincoln family annual Thanksgiving dinner at their palatial home in West Hollywood, California. Judi was instantly elated by this invite and darted into her turkey den to pick out a costume for the occasion.

She didn’t make it more than five feet through the den door before she yelled “Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!” – translation, “I’m a turkey, I could be the dinner at this party!” Her hopes were instantly dashed. Fortunately, the feeling of disappointment didn’t last long.  As this was such a grand holiday affair, and her first holiday party invitation ever, Judi vowed to do everything in her power to attend.

Judi spent quite a bit of time over the weeks that followed thinking, planning and trying on a variety of deluxe costumes including: the Victorian Santa costume, The Nutcracker Toy Soldier costume, the sexy Mrs. Claus costume, and the North Pole Elf costume. She also squeezed into a few costumes for the little ones, the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer costume, a baby Christmas tree costume, and the children’s Santa Claus costume.

Then, on Thanksgiving Eve, Judi was out doing some holiday window shopping when she ran into to her friend Mary, pushing her new born son Jesse in a stroller. Judi and Mary took a break from their Holiday shopping to chat each other up.

Judi told Mary all about her Holiday costume crisis and during the middle of this rather animated discussion, Judi and Mary thought of the perfect Holiday costume. Judi the Cutie would show up in disguise wearing a super sexy female Santa costume!

Judi went to the Lincoln Thanksgiving dinner in her holiday costume and she was the belle of the ball!  Simply Stunning, throughout the evening she received compliments and praise on her fashionably sexy Christmas costume. Judi was triumphant. Her clever plan had worked!

That was exactly 5 years ago. Today, Judi will spend the day preparing for her 4th Annual Black Friday Christmas Costume Extravaganza; as you can imagine, her spirits are high. The featured models will be wearing stunning fashion forward Christmas Holiday costumes. She is particularly looking forward to seeing the hottie model wearing the men’s Sexy Santa costume.  Judie the Cutie may not be a spring chicken, but she’s no Mother Goose either!


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