Most Popular Costumes for School Plays

These days, schools are trying to bring the arts back into their classroom programs. As such, school plays have once again become an important part of the American classroom. Parents visit the school to watch their children perform either a play written for their age group or an adapted classic Shakespearean play performed with most of the objectionable parts removed.

Often times it is the job of the parent to dress up their child for the play. Some parents sew the costumes themselves in order to create that homemade look, but considering the disaster that could potentially happen when a parent tries to sew, it is probably better to purchase a pre-made costume designed and created by professionals, rather than the abilities of a passionate yet untrained adult.

School Play Costumes

The type of costume often depends on the age group. One of the most popular school play costumes is of little animals because when kids are younger they often participate in some variation of a Noah’s Ark or Animal Sounds play that is really designed to make their kids look cute rather than actually perform any type of stage art.

As children get older, the school plays start to have more thematic content. That is when costumes like the Roman gladiator tend to become more popular, as there are several plays that take place around that time period. Roman gladiator costumes tend to be popular for anything that happened during that time period, including Greek history, since historical accuracy is rarely what the schools focus on.

There are also a lot of pirate costumes, because there are many ways to tell a pirate story. Pirate stories are popular with teachers, because they have a hero, a climax, and choreography without having to learn one of the more content-driven classic plays that may be difficult for younger kids to perform.

A similar logic holds true with fairy tales. Fairy tale characters have several story variations and costume types that are popular for younger kids. From princesses to dragons, there are a variety of styles and characters to dress your child and many story lines available for teachers to pursue. There are also usually enough different characters for many kids to participate, even if the only part available for them is the tree or a silent soldier.

Finally, if all else fails, characters like little red riding hood are always a plus.

While costumes clearly depend on the play, the fairy tale costumes, animal characters, and roman soldiers still persist as some of the most popular costumes for school plays. These costumes are often seen at any grade, from kindergarten to fifth, and although they may trail off as the children get older in favor of more historically accurate and personalized costumes, they are consistently featured in elementary schools across the country.


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