Dressing In Style for Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is less than one week away, there are undoubtedly numerous tasks yet to be accomplished, all of which require meticulous preparation, precise timing and expert execution. In the remaining days it is important for you to develop and implement a well thought-out plan in order for your Thanksgiving dinner, gathering, or party to be successful. Topping the list among these tasks are cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, decorating your dinner party location and finding an appropriate Thanksgiving-themed outfit to wear.

Getting the House Ready
Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends, indulging in delectable turkey meals, reminiscing over the past and creating new memories. Therefore it is important that you prepare a warm and cozy setting for your guests to settle into. Fun is sure to be had if you decorate the table with a Native American, Pilgrim, or Turkey-style centerpiece. Hang some oversized cardboard bird cutouts on the walls. Think about showing the DVD of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or Planes, Trains and Automobiles after the kids go to sleep. It’s the little details that people end up remembering, so use your imagination – the effort will not go unnoticed!

Choosing Your Thanksgiving Outfit
As Thanksgiving is generally considered to be the official start of the Holiday Season, dressing up in an appropriate costume is a guaranteed fun and festive way to spend the day. There’s a veritable cornucopia of costumes to choose from, just browse our list below and pick your favorite.

1. For the Guys
Native American Indian, Mayflower Pilgrim, Colonial Settler, Tom the Turkey – All great choices for the holiday, just remember you’ll be about one size larger after dinner!

2. Ladies’ Choice
Native American Indian Maiden, Colonial Lady, Pilgrim Lady, Sexy Indian Princess, Sexy Pilgrim – The first three work well if you’ll be wearing it while cooking dinner. We recommend saving the sexy costumes until after dessert!

3. Boys Will Be Boys
Native American Indian Boy, Colonial Soldier, Pilgrim Boy – Kids will love these historical outfits and will want to wear them even when it’s not Thanksgiving!

4. The Little Misses
Native American Indian Girl or Colonial Girl – Make this Thanksgiving extra special for the little girls by spending it in costume!

Gobble gobble! There isn’t much time left, so get out to the market this weekend for all your Turkey Day food needs but let us handle your holiday costumes – you’ll be thankful you did!


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