11 Consummate Christmas and Holiday Costume Ideas

The holiday season is here again. A joyous time to relax with family, indulge in meals and generously give presents, these last few weeks of the year are also highlighted by parties hosted by friends and employers. If you ask us, there’s no better way to celebrate than by donning a holiday-themed costume to attend these festive gatherings.

Christmas and holiday costume parties are always a great time, but finding an excellent costume is not always the easiest task. There are very few characters directly associated with Christmas and even fewer for Hanukkah. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put together 11 Christmas and holiday costume options for you to choose from before it’s too late, snow begins to fall, and the egg nog starts to flow.

Holiday Costume Ideas for Adults

1. Santa Claus – Obviously the first character anyone thinks of in the context of Christmas, a Santa Claus suit is likely the easiest costume to find. Unfortunately, that dubious honor makes it one of the least original. Our suggestion is, if you are determined to dress up as Santa, give him a twist with a classic religious Victorian Santa look, the dark and gruff Bah Humbug Santa or the Sexy Santa for men or women.

2. Mrs. Claus – Helping to keep Santa warm at the North Pole all year round, one of these ladies costumes should be easy enough to locate. She’s an essential part of the holidays but, as always, adding some originality to your Mrs. Claus outfit will help ensure you are more of a distinctive presence and not just a background artist.

3. North Pole Elves – Elf outfits are almost always funny, but they can be downright hilarious if done correctly. Obviously green and red are primary color choices, but if you arrive as a blue or purple elf instead, that could be a memorable interpretation of the character. In addition, elves are perfect to spice up with accessories. Consider making your elf a bit more hip, with slick sun glasses and a rebel hairdo. At least in this way you will be adding some uniqueness to the character, thereby making it all the more memorable.

4/5/6. Three Wise Men / Star of Bethlehem / Virgin Mary – There’s no costume rule that says you can’t dress up as other characters and icons from the story of Jesus’ birth. The three wise men, the star of Bethlehem, even the Virgin Mary – each of these is a potentially amazing Christmas costume.

7. Hanukkah Harry – A jovial Santa Claus-like character who personifies the Jewish holiday, he originated from a Saturday Night Live skit and has become a renowned Hanukkah figure. Instead of the colors red and green, think blue and white – the national colors of Israel.

Whatever costume you choose to dress in, don’t be afraid to give the character a modern twist. Taking a well known character and updating their personality to represent the current times is a great way to make an old costume appear fresh and new.

Christmas Costume Ideas for Children

Most adult costumes work for equally well, with a few obvious exceptions such as the sexy outfits. However, the best costumes for kids are going to be the costumes that children rarely wear.

8. Santa Claus – Santa is an ideal costume for children to dress in, since Santa is almost always portrayed by an adult. Dress your child as Father Christmas Kris Kringle and they’re sure to leave a lasting impression on friends and family.

9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Sing the popular Christmas song or watch the popular animated television special to refresh your child’s memory of this influential animal hero. An antler headband, red nose, and fluffy tail will get your outfit started as you prepare to pull Santa’s sleigh through the night

10. A Christmas Ornament – Here’s a unique idea: Dress your child as a Christmas decoration. Have them wear a giant round ball and decorate it with paint and glitter. Or perhaps your child can become a walking Christmas tree, complete with lights and tinsel. Using creativity and imagination you will find the possibilities here are limitless!

11. A Gift – Another option is to transform your child into one of the presents. All you need is a giant cardboard box, some tape, wrapping paper and a bow and you will have created a great outfit that he or she can sport throughout the holiday season.


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