When Toga is a No-Go: 5 Alternative Costume Party Ideas for Greek Life

Membership in a fraternity or a sorority can be a huge highlight in the life of a college student, especially with all the activities and parties that can be enjoyed while preparing themselves for entering the “real world” after graduation. There are great opportunities for them to socialize and meet people who might become good friends and colleagues for life. They may even get a chance to host some of the parties for their fraternity or sorority. These are traditionally festive get-togethers, usually involving some beer and good fun.

One of these gatherings can be a costume party for Greek life. If you’re attending this type of party you might assume you have to wear a toga, the kind of dress worn by ancient Greeks and Romans. However, this theme can get boring if you just hold toga parties all the time. So here are some other great costume party ideas for Greek life:

1. Greek Mythology – You’ll never run out of ideas if you are hosting a party based upon Greek mythology. There are several gods & goddesses to choose from for you and your brothers or sisters. There are also quite a few stories and situations if you wish to have a story specific theme for the party.

2. Greek Philosophers – Ask the party goers to dress up like their most admired philosopher. You can even have trivia contests. It may sound geeky but, hey, you’ll be surprised how much fun this can be!

3. The Olympics – Since the Olympics started out in Athens, Greece, why not hold a theme party based on this? You can hold competitions similar to those played in ancient times, especially for all your buff sports buddies.

4. Renaissance – Still somewhat similar to ancient times but with more variety in clothing. You can also base the theme of your party from a certain point in Renaissance history.

5. Greek Food – Oopah! What’s the next best thing about Greece other than its colorful history? Greek food! Start by getting the wine flowing, of course. Stuff yourself with Greek inspired culinary treats like spanakopita or souvlaki. You can even dress up like your favorite Greek food.

Although togas will forever be associated with fraternity and sorority bashes, as you can see there are many more creative spins you can adopt for a costume party based on Greek life.


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