The Best Scary Costumes

When you want to make a terrifying impression at costume parties or frighten unsuspecting friends and neighbors on Halloween, scary costumes are without a doubt the way to go. It’s important to remember that some costumes tend to be overused to a point where they have become bland, boring, and no longer scary. The best scary costumes are the ones that shock the life out of those that gaze upon them while also remaining unique and original!

Killer Clowns

For many reasons, clowns are unsettling. Maybe it’s the make-up, perhaps it is the unusual mime-like behavior and hand gestures or maybe it is because some real clowns tend to smell like booze. Whatever the reason, clowns have become characters you should think twice about.

So if you want a really creepy costume this Halloween, take advantage of the natural horror that clowns instill and create a killer clown. Give him some dark eye shadow across a white mask, and a giant mouth with a yellow toothed grin. Get the outfit dirty and rip it apart so that the end result is a clown that looks like he has a serious drug problem and should be avoided. However you decide to do it, take your already fear-provoking costume and do your best to make it look even more repulsive.

Hell on Two Wheels

Leather-clad bikers and burly horror movie characters like Jason Voorhees are admittedly scary. Combine the two and you get a character that is exponentially more frightening. Try out the biker with a death mask costume. Suit up in a motorcycle jacket, wield a machete and cover yourself in blood – you’ll send the innocent fleeing!

When in Doubt, Refer to the Classics

While many movie horror characters have lost their fright appeal, some, like Freddy Krueger, still leave witnesses with disturbing nightmares. The key here is to wear a costume that, no matter how well known the character, is gruesome and difficult to look at due to the sheer ugliness of the individual. Krueger is a hideously burned and disfigured character, and a Freddy Krueger mask is as repellent as it is frightening. Simply jump out from behind a bush and you can be certain that people will be startled enough to scream.

Of course you don’t have to choose a character from a horror movie. If you want to try something more original, add a prosthetic or makeup to your face to appear like it’s melting or peeling. Any safe non-toxic way you can make your face look like the walking dead will give you significant fright points.

One final idea with either of these costumes is to go the extra mile and add a cape. True there is nothing inherently scary about a cape, but you’re bound to be asked why you’re wearing one, at which point that’s your chance to run at them like a crazed lunatic and leave them shrieking in terror!

All of these costume types continue to hold their fear appeal, making them among the best scary disguises you can choose this Halloween.


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