How to Incorporate Wigs Into Your Costume

No costume is complete until all aspects of the character you are trying to represent are taken into account. Putting on a white shirt and jeans and claiming you’re Homer Simpson simply won’t cut it. You need to dress the part, and that includes wardrobe, accessories, and hair – or in the case of this cartoon dad – lack thereof.

An often overlooked facet to any costume, hair tends to be ignored because most people do not want to dye their ‘do or style it in such a way that will leave them feeling embarrassed.  But make no mistake, hair is an important part of the costume; it can garner the most attention towards your look.

In order to remedy the hair situation for a costume, the natural choice is instead to wear a wig.  Wigs have a variety of uses with the primary one being protection to allow the wearer to avoid damaging their hair for one night out in costume with friends.

If you can and are willing to style up your hair and color it in such a way to match your costume, then by all means do. It can look just as good as a wig and possibly even better. However, when you don’t want to put damaging chemicals in your hair for a single celebration, we suggest finding a wig that not only works for your costume, but also draws people’s attention.

Wigs for Women

if you are dressing up as a dancer or adult performer, you could easily just wear revealing clothing.  Think about it, though, It’s not any more difficult to add a sexy wig that is either a bright color (pink, purple) or a color opposite your skin tone (blond if you have a dark skin tone, black if you have blond hair and a light skin tone). This will make you stand out as well as look different than your usual appearance which helps turn the costume into its own persona.

Guys Wigs

Elvis Presley can be a difficult costume to pull off, but although people can find the clothing, most people try to make the hair themselves out of their own hair. If you add an Elvis wig instead, you can certainly enhance the look.

Wigs have a certain subtlety in that they can be effortlessly used to add that extra bit of drama to your outfit. If you or your child are dressing up as an elegant character, such as a princess, you could easily leave your hair as is and merely add a tiara, but if you get a costume wig with long brown hair that has been already styled it will help make all the parts of your costume come together and look like more than just a dress and jewelry.  Wigs are not only a way to add an extra piece to your costume, they are also a way to engage the eyes of others so that your costume becomes more memorable.


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