Costume Ideas for Cold Weather

For adults these days, sexy and skimpy costumes are what’s “in.”  Go to any adult costume party and you’re bound to find women dressed up like schoolgirls, bunnies, and angels while the guys are dressed in dapper silk outfits, smoking jackets, and togas.

For those who live in cold weather, however, these costumes are simply too revealing.  Wear one of these and you’re likely to spend the whole night clutching your jacket, thus taking away from the full effect of your costume.

Here are some adult costume ideas that stray from the traditional and work well if the weather in your area is particularly chilly:

1. The Big Baby – It may be difficult to find, but if you can locate giant footsie pajamas, you are bound to be a big hit at the party and stay just as warm and toasty as you did when you were a child. Add a giant baby blanket or stuffed animal and if you get cold, you can snuggle up to your accessories, pulling off your costume without appearing out of place.

2. Santa Claus – Most Santa outfits are easy to find and are designed specifically for winter weather. Dressing as Santa (regardless of whether you are male or female) can be both hilarious and interactive. Entertain your guests by inviting them to sit on your lap or provide them with cool and amusing gifts or trinkets from your giant red toy sack.

3. Superheroes – Superhero costumes can be rather warm, given the extra padding needed to display the appearance of muscles. If you’re going out in cold weather, get hold of a full superhero outfit and you may not even need a jacket.

4. Bikers – If you have ever worn clothing made solely of leather, then very little needs to be said. If you haven’t, covering yourself from top to bottom in leather, including a leather jacket, is going to keep you as warm as you’ve ever wanted to be during the holidays.

5. Animals – Animal costumes are fun, robust, and bound to keep you warm in cold weather. Wearing one will undoubtedly keep you warm on a cold night. Check out the Classic Halloween costume section for werewolves or other monstrous creatures with thick furry coats.

If you live in cold areas, finding a costume that will be popular, comfortable and warm does not have to be a daunting task.  Despite the popularity of sexy adult costumes these days, dressing as a giant stuffed animal or Santa Claus is sure to be just as big a hit, and can ensure that you are not unnecessarily cold during the event.


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