Capes: Not Just for Vampires and Superheroes

The best costumes are the ones that are the most unique. They leave an impression in the minds of others because they have created a connection with another person through their creativity – something that both the wearer and audience will not soon forget. One of the ways to do this is with a cape.

Most people see costume capes as something designed for vampires or superheroes. However, adding a cape to your costume doesn’t just benefit bloodsuckers and Batmen. Capes can be worn in a variety of ways to improve a great number of different costumes in order to create an unforgettable disguise.

1. Elegance

Capes have a built-in elegance all their own. They flap slowly in the wind. They trail behind you as if you are flying and can shine or gleam in a regal manner suitable for royalty. Use that elegance to your advantage. You can add a cape to any renaissance or middle ages prince or king outfit and make the costume appear richer as though you are royalty yourself.

2. Evil

Capes are widely regarded as a sign of evil. If you’re dressed as an evil villain, adding a cape will help to create a dramatic exit when you are leaving, about to perform your dastardly deeds. Dracula is not the only one that can use a cape to slink away into the night. Think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Any evil character will do.

3. Super, Thanks for Asking!

Of course, one of the best uses for a costume cape is to make something “Super.” Capes are closely associated with superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but you do not need to limit yourself to already known superheroes to pull of the cape look. Anything can be “super.”

For example, if you dressed up in full pimp gear, all you need to do is add a cape and you can be Superpimp! “Master of all things pimp…able to turn anyone pimp with just a slap against the cheek.” Or if you are dressed as Santa Claus you can be “Super Claus – Able to reach tall chimneys to deliver millions of gifts in a single night!” There are a limitless number of possibilities for the cape, and as long as you can come up with a good joke to accompany its use, adding a cape can turn your regular character into the super version of that character.

4. Just for Kicks

The final use for the cape is to simply wear a cape. Capes gather people’s attention, and if you wear a cape to a party, you are bound to find a lot of people asking you why you are wearing a cape – especially if it doesn’t match your outfit. Your answer can simply be “Why not?” And you are likely to leave a fairly significant impression on those individuals throughout the night.

As you can see, capes have a large number of potential benefits for their wearers. Adding a cape to any outfit can change the outfit completely and turn an ordinary costume into an unusual or extraordinary costume.


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