Before You Turn Into a Pumpkin: 8 Do-It Yourself Last Minute Costumes

You’ve been so busy during the last few weeks and you forgot about that party this coming weekend. Usually that’s no big deal, but the only thing is it’s a Halloween costume party and you don’t have a disguise to dress in.  What are you to do?

Here are some ideas for last minute costumes that you can throw together fast and still manage to make a good impression.

1. A bunch of grapes or cherries Head to the nearest balloon shop and get some purple or red balloons. Dress in all purple, red or black, and then place the balloons all over your body from head to toe. You can also use different colored balloons and arrive as a bag of jellybeans.

2. Baked potato – Cover a large plastic garbage bag with foil in such a way that you will look like a baked potato. Wear something yellow that looks gooey and fashion little red bits of material/paper as add-ons. This will serve as the cheese and bacon bits.

3. Mummy Wrap yourself in several rolls of tissue paper or white bandage from head to toe. Make sure that the tissue paper stays attached to your body throughout the party.

4. Hillbilly All you’ll need is a plaid shirt, any striped or colored long or short sleeved shirt, a pair of faded pants cut-off up to the knees, and a straw hat. Put some freckles on your face, blacken your tooth or teeth, and bite on a twig or stalk. Talk funny, and you will be an instant backwoods discovery.

5. Neo From The Matrix Dress up in a black trench coat, a pair of black boots, a pair of sleek dark sunglasses, and plenty of hair gel. For sure you will be the “One.”

6. Michael Jackson Dress up in a red or any military jacket, a white glove worn on one hand, black pants (fold the hem a bit to show your white socks), black shoes and hat -preferably a Fedora but any hat will do. You can even throw on a surgical mask to save you from having to put on pale make-up.

7. Spice Girls Arrive as any of the five girls: Ginger Spice (wear a sexy outfit), Scary Spice (wear something a bit loud and leopardish and your hair should be big), Baby Spice (wear a dress that is cute and sweet plus tie your hair in pigtails), Posh Spice (wear something elegant or classy), and Sporty Spice (boyish clothes such as sports uniforms or camouflage).  It might be a bit dated but better late than never!

8. Universal Bar Code Get a child’s growth chart with lines and numbers on it and wear it either vertically or horizontally over an all white dress or clothes.  Add some numbers and start “scanning” the party for a checkout cutie

You may be limited on time but that’s no reason to fall short of ideas. Be creative, look around you, or maybe check out a bit of television. You will find a lot of inspiration in everyday things to make a last minute costume that will have everyone in awe. So hurry because Halloween is almost here!


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