8 Halloween Party Activities That Won’t Get BOOed!

Halloween parties are more fun and exciting for kids if there are several interactive and engaging games to participate in. Activities and contests such as these are always popular with children but adult party-goers may just prefer to have more dancing and socializing instead. Remember to be creative when planning festive activities for your Halloween party to prevent your guests from becoming bored and disinterested.

Here are great Halloween party activities that you can organize to maximize the experience for you and your guests:

1. Costume Contest – Make sure that your guests are aware of this in advance so that they have arrived all dressed up and ready to compete. Set up different categories for the best costumes and choose at least three judges (non-competitors) ahead of time. Provide prizes to make the contest more exciting.

2. Spooky Arts and Crafts – These activities are more appropriate for children and work best indoors. You can paint and decorate pumpkins, make candy corn or bead accessories, and color or paint Halloween-themed art books.

3. Scavenger Hunt – Usually enjoyed by adult party-goers, a scavenger hunt is more fun if everyone who participates has an opportunity to hunt the surrounding neighborhood for the items you will be asking for.

4. Haunted House – Works best when staged in a rumored haunted house or at least an old-styled house. However, if you decide to transform your home, by all means decorate the entire house with scary stuff and play creepy music for effect.

5. Haystack Ride – A traditional Halloween activity that yields the most fun if done in a field. If you choose to stage it in a backyard, use a smaller version of the haystack and a donkey to pull it (or perhaps someone dressed up like a donkey).

6. Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Hunt – This may be done with children and supervised by adults. The pumpkin hunt is similar to the Easter egg hunt except with small pumpkins.

7. Ghosting – A “personal space invading game,” this originally came from Australia. It’s a fun activity for children and adults where participants follow another person as closely as possible without them noticing. “Speed Ghosting” is done at faster speeds while running or jogging. Can be very spooky depending on what costumes the “ghosts” are wearing.

8. Bobbing for Apples – One of the most classic Halloween activities and still lots of fu. Be sure to use smaller apples and shallow tubs when the participants are children. Always supervise children while they are playing and choose the soft kind of apples.

These are only a few of the fun activities you can arrange during your Halloween party. Adding some of these to your haunted party agenda will ensure you don’t get boos as a host, except for those from your guests dressed as ghosts!


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