7 Costume Tips to Show Family Unity

Going out as a family is always a fun and memorable way to celebrate Halloween, especially when attending costume parties and events. What better way to show your family unity than by wearing family-themed costumes! However, we have to admit sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best costume for every member of the bunch, particularly when each one may want to wear something the others don’t want to.

So, in order to help make your holiday experience less stressful and more enjoyable, here are some costume tips for your family:

1. Plan Ahead – A month or at least a week before an event, gather your family for a meeting. Ask each one for their suggestions and make sure that everyone is heard. If you do not agree on one costume, then vote on it. Majority wins!

2. Shop Together – Another bonding moment occurs when selecting or buying the costumes together. No one should be left out on this occasion, as it is most often a blast trying out different costumes.

3. Create Your Own Costumes – If you are on a budget or have sewing skills, it’s far cheaper to make your own costumes. Everyone can contribute and participate in the design and creation of the costumes together. You can sew the clothes while your other family members make the props.

4. Be creative – You and your family can think of your own set of costumes. Whether you want a funny or scary impact, ask everyone to give suggestions and actively participate in the decision making process.

5. Be Colorful – Choose bright festive colors to exude more fun. This can also help you keep track of your kids in a crowd so that you can easily locate them based on the colors they are wearing.

6. Be Earth-Friendly – Choose materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This will keep your kids safe especially in the application of costume make-up.

7. Be Safe – Avoid making or buying costume props that are sharp, pointed or breakable. Make sure that you and your kids do not hurt yourself or others with the props. Also make sure that no one will trip on their costumes because they are too long or the seams are not properly sewed on.

As for popular family themed costume ideas, you can go as famous TV families from The Simpsons, The Munsters, The Brady Bunch, The Incredibles, The Flintstones along with plenty of others. Whichever theme you choose, by spending time together as a family in costume you will have created wonderful memories of this Halloween.


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