10 Creative Costume Party Ideas for Adults

If you think brainstorming ideas for children’s costume parties is a challenge, coming up with themes and activities for adults can prove to be just as difficult. Many adults are hard to please and might find costume parties flat out boring or childish. However, if you have the right overall concept for an adult costume party, your guests may lose their tightly wound inhibitions, let loose and flat out have a great time. You just need a splash of inspiration and a dash of originality so that the party you’re set to host will be a total blast.

Having trouble coming up with your own original costume party ideas? Find some inspiration below as we list off some of the best costume party ideas for adults that you can use:

1. Renaissance/Medieval theme – Wearing gowns and costumes like kings and queens never fail to attract the interests of adults and children alike. However, for an adults-only affair, your version can be of the sexier variety.

2. Wild West theme – Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, the Texas Rangers, sheriffs, cowboys and Indians are just some of the few characters that young and old never get tired of portraying. Add up a mock duel contest using water guns for a soon-to-be highlight of the costume party.

3. Roman or Greek theme – Wearing togas, pretending to be gods and goddesses or acting like Spartans and the Roman soldiers will be a lot of fun for your guests. Roman column decoration or maybe some Greek food and wine will also be appreciated by your guests.

4. Movie & TV theme – Choose from any of hundreds of movies & television programs. You can prepare in advance by giving a survey to the guests you’ve invited or you can just ask them to wear the costume of their favorite movie or TV character.

5. Shakespearean theme – Plenty of adults and young adults love to act and dress like their favorite characters from the works of William Shakespeare. Think of all the possibilities: Romeo & Juliet to Othello to all the fairies & sprites in between, you can choose from hundreds of his well-loved characters. You can even have a Shakespeare trivia competition as one of the activities during the party.

6. Famous Romantic Couples theme – If your party is intended for couples then this will be the right theme for your costume get-together. Works especially great for a Valentine’s Day party.

7. Hawaiian Luau theme – This costume party theme is most popular during summer and will be the most fun if you have a swimming pool as well. Don’t forget the pineapples and leis.

8. Scavenger Hunt/Detective Mystery theme – Ask your guests to wear the costume of their favorite detective as they look for items in your scavenger hunt contest.

9. Superheroes & Villains theme – Adults are kids in larger bodies and would definitely be enticed to wear a costume of their favorite superhero or villain.

10. Period theme (‘20s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, etc.) – You can have several options for this type of themed party depending on which era you are going to choose. Pick a decade and time travel your way to an evening of costumed fun.

With party ideas that span hundreds of years from Ancient Rome to Shakespeare to the 1980s, planning a costume event for adults doesn’t have to be a daunting take. Get inspired today and reap the rewards when your guests arrive ready for a fun time.


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