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The Best Scary Costumes

When you want to make a terrifying impression at costume parties or frighten unsuspecting friends and neighbors on Halloween, scary costumes are without a doubt the way to go. It’s important to remember that some costumes tend to be overused to a point where they have become bland, boring, and no longer scary. The best scary costumes are the ones that shock the life out of those that gaze upon them while also remaining unique and original!

Killer Clowns

For many reasons, clowns are unsettling. Maybe it’s the make-up, perhaps it is the unusual mime-like behavior and hand gestures or maybe it is because some real clowns tend to smell like booze. Whatever the reason, clowns have become characters you should think twice about.

So if you want a really creepy costume this Halloween, take advantage of the natural horror that clowns instill and create a killer clown. Give him some dark eye shadow across a white mask, and a giant mouth with a yellow toothed grin. Get the outfit dirty and rip it apart so that the end result is a clown that looks like he has a serious drug problem and should be avoided. However you decide to do it, take your already fear-provoking costume and do your best to make it look even more repulsive.

Hell on Two Wheels

Leather-clad bikers and burly horror movie characters like Jason Voorhees are admittedly scary. Combine the two and you get a character that is exponentially more frightening. Try out the biker with a death mask costume. Suit up in a motorcycle jacket, wield a machete and cover yourself in blood – you’ll send the innocent fleeing!

When in Doubt, Refer to the Classics

While many movie horror characters have lost their fright appeal, some, like Freddy Krueger, still leave witnesses with disturbing nightmares. The key here is to wear a costume that, no matter how well known the character, is gruesome and difficult to look at due to the sheer ugliness of the individual. Krueger is a hideously burned and disfigured character, and a Freddy Krueger mask is as repellent as it is frightening. Simply jump out from behind a bush and you can be certain that people will be startled enough to scream.

Of course you don’t have to choose a character from a horror movie. If you want to try something more original, add a prosthetic or makeup to your face to appear like it’s melting or peeling. Any safe non-toxic way you can make your face look like the walking dead will give you significant fright points.

One final idea with either of these costumes is to go the extra mile and add a cape. True there is nothing inherently scary about a cape, but you’re bound to be asked why you’re wearing one, at which point that’s your chance to run at them like a crazed lunatic and leave them shrieking in terror!

All of these costume types continue to hold their fear appeal, making them among the best scary disguises you can choose this Halloween.

Instantly Transform Your Costume From Mundane to Magnificent with a Magic Wand

Thanks in part to the popularity of the recent Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films, this year many Halloween costumers will choose to go as characters with magic wands. Such is the undeniable attraction of this wizard’s tool and wish-granting accessory!

We mustn’t forget numerous characters from books, TV, and movies that also use magic wands. Here are several other costume options that work even better with a magic wand:

1. Fairy Godmothers from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

2. Snow White’s evil step-mother queen

3. Nickelodeon’s The Fairly Oddparents Cosmo & Wanda

4. Wizards of Waverly Place kids Alex Russo, Justin Russo and Max Russo

5. The Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2

6. Disney’s classic fairy, Tinker Bell

7. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

8. Barbie fairy tale characters such as Swan Lake, Fairytopia, etc.

9. Link or other characters from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda

10. Characters from the World of Warcraft video game

11. The boy wizard Harry Potter, his friends Hermione and Ron, and enemy Lord Voldemort

If you want to assemble a costume that doesn’t use a standard magic wand but another supernatural accessory like a staff, trident or lightsaber, these choices can be just as effective:

12. The wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings (staff/wand)

13. The White Witch from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (white staff)

14. The Jedi from Star Wars or Sith villains like Darth Maul or Darth Vader

15. Moses from The Ten Commandments and biblical stories

16. King Triton from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (trident)

17. Blue Devil of DC Comics (trident)

18. Namor of Marvel Comic Books (trident)

Along those lines, if you would prefer to remain broad in the character you choose, then here are some other figures you can be: fairies, wizards, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, and magicians, among others.

Abracadabra!  Magic wands and similar mystical weapon accessories can make your costume truly come alive. Just be careful where you point it!

7 Costume Tips to Show Family Unity

Going out as a family is always a fun and memorable way to celebrate Halloween, especially when attending costume parties and events. What better way to show your family unity than by wearing family-themed costumes! However, we have to admit sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best costume for every member of the bunch, particularly when each one may want to wear something the others don’t want to.

So, in order to help make your holiday experience less stressful and more enjoyable, here are some costume tips for your family:

1. Plan Ahead – A month or at least a week before an event, gather your family for a meeting. Ask each one for their suggestions and make sure that everyone is heard. If you do not agree on one costume, then vote on it. Majority wins!

2. Shop Together – Another bonding moment occurs when selecting or buying the costumes together. No one should be left out on this occasion, as it is most often a blast trying out different costumes.

3. Create Your Own Costumes – If you are on a budget or have sewing skills, it’s far cheaper to make your own costumes. Everyone can contribute and participate in the design and creation of the costumes together. You can sew the clothes while your other family members make the props.

4. Be creative – You and your family can think of your own set of costumes. Whether you want a funny or scary impact, ask everyone to give suggestions and actively participate in the decision making process.

5. Be Colorful – Choose bright festive colors to exude more fun. This can also help you keep track of your kids in a crowd so that you can easily locate them based on the colors they are wearing.

6. Be Earth-Friendly – Choose materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This will keep your kids safe especially in the application of costume make-up.

7. Be Safe – Avoid making or buying costume props that are sharp, pointed or breakable. Make sure that you and your kids do not hurt yourself or others with the props. Also make sure that no one will trip on their costumes because they are too long or the seams are not properly sewed on.

As for popular family themed costume ideas, you can go as famous TV families from The Simpsons, The Munsters, The Brady Bunch, The Incredibles, The Flintstones along with plenty of others. Whichever theme you choose, by spending time together as a family in costume you will have created wonderful memories of this Halloween.

8 Halloween Party Activities That Won’t Get BOOed!

Halloween parties are more fun and exciting for kids if there are several interactive and engaging games to participate in. Activities and contests such as these are always popular with children but adult party-goers may just prefer to have more dancing and socializing instead. Remember to be creative when planning festive activities for your Halloween party to prevent your guests from becoming bored and disinterested.

Here are great Halloween party activities that you can organize to maximize the experience for you and your guests:

1. Costume Contest – Make sure that your guests are aware of this in advance so that they have arrived all dressed up and ready to compete. Set up different categories for the best costumes and choose at least three judges (non-competitors) ahead of time. Provide prizes to make the contest more exciting.

2. Spooky Arts and Crafts – These activities are more appropriate for children and work best indoors. You can paint and decorate pumpkins, make candy corn or bead accessories, and color or paint Halloween-themed art books.

3. Scavenger Hunt – Usually enjoyed by adult party-goers, a scavenger hunt is more fun if everyone who participates has an opportunity to hunt the surrounding neighborhood for the items you will be asking for.

4. Haunted House – Works best when staged in a rumored haunted house or at least an old-styled house. However, if you decide to transform your home, by all means decorate the entire house with scary stuff and play creepy music for effect.

5. Haystack Ride – A traditional Halloween activity that yields the most fun if done in a field. If you choose to stage it in a backyard, use a smaller version of the haystack and a donkey to pull it (or perhaps someone dressed up like a donkey).

6. Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Hunt – This may be done with children and supervised by adults. The pumpkin hunt is similar to the Easter egg hunt except with small pumpkins.

7. Ghosting – A “personal space invading game,” this originally came from Australia. It’s a fun activity for children and adults where participants follow another person as closely as possible without them noticing. “Speed Ghosting” is done at faster speeds while running or jogging. Can be very spooky depending on what costumes the “ghosts” are wearing.

8. Bobbing for Apples – One of the most classic Halloween activities and still lots of fu. Be sure to use smaller apples and shallow tubs when the participants are children. Always supervise children while they are playing and choose the soft kind of apples.

These are only a few of the fun activities you can arrange during your Halloween party. Adding some of these to your haunted party agenda will ensure you don’t get boos as a host, except for those from your guests dressed as ghosts!

Before You Turn Into a Pumpkin: 8 Do-It Yourself Last Minute Costumes

You’ve been so busy during the last few weeks and you forgot about that party this coming weekend. Usually that’s no big deal, but the only thing is it’s a Halloween costume party and you don’t have a disguise to dress in.  What are you to do?

Here are some ideas for last minute costumes that you can throw together fast and still manage to make a good impression.

1. A bunch of grapes or cherries Head to the nearest balloon shop and get some purple or red balloons. Dress in all purple, red or black, and then place the balloons all over your body from head to toe. You can also use different colored balloons and arrive as a bag of jellybeans.

2. Baked potato – Cover a large plastic garbage bag with foil in such a way that you will look like a baked potato. Wear something yellow that looks gooey and fashion little red bits of material/paper as add-ons. This will serve as the cheese and bacon bits.

3. Mummy Wrap yourself in several rolls of tissue paper or white bandage from head to toe. Make sure that the tissue paper stays attached to your body throughout the party.

4. Hillbilly All you’ll need is a plaid shirt, any striped or colored long or short sleeved shirt, a pair of faded pants cut-off up to the knees, and a straw hat. Put some freckles on your face, blacken your tooth or teeth, and bite on a twig or stalk. Talk funny, and you will be an instant backwoods discovery.

5. Neo From The Matrix Dress up in a black trench coat, a pair of black boots, a pair of sleek dark sunglasses, and plenty of hair gel. For sure you will be the “One.”

6. Michael Jackson Dress up in a red or any military jacket, a white glove worn on one hand, black pants (fold the hem a bit to show your white socks), black shoes and hat -preferably a Fedora but any hat will do. You can even throw on a surgical mask to save you from having to put on pale make-up.

7. Spice Girls Arrive as any of the five girls: Ginger Spice (wear a sexy outfit), Scary Spice (wear something a bit loud and leopardish and your hair should be big), Baby Spice (wear a dress that is cute and sweet plus tie your hair in pigtails), Posh Spice (wear something elegant or classy), and Sporty Spice (boyish clothes such as sports uniforms or camouflage).  It might be a bit dated but better late than never!

8. Universal Bar Code Get a child’s growth chart with lines and numbers on it and wear it either vertically or horizontally over an all white dress or clothes.  Add some numbers and start “scanning” the party for a checkout cutie

You may be limited on time but that’s no reason to fall short of ideas. Be creative, look around you, or maybe check out a bit of television. You will find a lot of inspiration in everyday things to make a last minute costume that will have everyone in awe. So hurry because Halloween is almost here!

Costume Ideas for Cold Weather

For adults these days, sexy and skimpy costumes are what’s “in.”  Go to any adult costume party and you’re bound to find women dressed up like schoolgirls, bunnies, and angels while the guys are dressed in dapper silk outfits, smoking jackets, and togas.

For those who live in cold weather, however, these costumes are simply too revealing.  Wear one of these and you’re likely to spend the whole night clutching your jacket, thus taking away from the full effect of your costume.

Here are some adult costume ideas that stray from the traditional and work well if the weather in your area is particularly chilly:

1. The Big Baby – It may be difficult to find, but if you can locate giant footsie pajamas, you are bound to be a big hit at the party and stay just as warm and toasty as you did when you were a child. Add a giant baby blanket or stuffed animal and if you get cold, you can snuggle up to your accessories, pulling off your costume without appearing out of place.

2. Santa Claus – Most Santa outfits are easy to find and are designed specifically for winter weather. Dressing as Santa (regardless of whether you are male or female) can be both hilarious and interactive. Entertain your guests by inviting them to sit on your lap or provide them with cool and amusing gifts or trinkets from your giant red toy sack.

3. Superheroes – Superhero costumes can be rather warm, given the extra padding needed to display the appearance of muscles. If you’re going out in cold weather, get hold of a full superhero outfit and you may not even need a jacket.

4. Bikers – If you have ever worn clothing made solely of leather, then very little needs to be said. If you haven’t, covering yourself from top to bottom in leather, including a leather jacket, is going to keep you as warm as you’ve ever wanted to be during the holidays.

5. Animals – Animal costumes are fun, robust, and bound to keep you warm in cold weather. Wearing one will undoubtedly keep you warm on a cold night. Check out the Classic Halloween costume section for werewolves or other monstrous creatures with thick furry coats.

If you live in cold areas, finding a costume that will be popular, comfortable and warm does not have to be a daunting task.  Despite the popularity of sexy adult costumes these days, dressing as a giant stuffed animal or Santa Claus is sure to be just as big a hit, and can ensure that you are not unnecessarily cold during the event.

10 Creative Costume Party Ideas for Adults

If you think brainstorming ideas for children’s costume parties is a challenge, coming up with themes and activities for adults can prove to be just as difficult. Many adults are hard to please and might find costume parties flat out boring or childish. However, if you have the right overall concept for an adult costume party, your guests may lose their tightly wound inhibitions, let loose and flat out have a great time. You just need a splash of inspiration and a dash of originality so that the party you’re set to host will be a total blast.

Having trouble coming up with your own original costume party ideas? Find some inspiration below as we list off some of the best costume party ideas for adults that you can use:

1. Renaissance/Medieval theme – Wearing gowns and costumes like kings and queens never fail to attract the interests of adults and children alike. However, for an adults-only affair, your version can be of the sexier variety.

2. Wild West theme – Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, the Texas Rangers, sheriffs, cowboys and Indians are just some of the few characters that young and old never get tired of portraying. Add up a mock duel contest using water guns for a soon-to-be highlight of the costume party.

3. Roman or Greek theme – Wearing togas, pretending to be gods and goddesses or acting like Spartans and the Roman soldiers will be a lot of fun for your guests. Roman column decoration or maybe some Greek food and wine will also be appreciated by your guests.

4. Movie & TV theme – Choose from any of hundreds of movies & television programs. You can prepare in advance by giving a survey to the guests you’ve invited or you can just ask them to wear the costume of their favorite movie or TV character.

5. Shakespearean theme – Plenty of adults and young adults love to act and dress like their favorite characters from the works of William Shakespeare. Think of all the possibilities: Romeo & Juliet to Othello to all the fairies & sprites in between, you can choose from hundreds of his well-loved characters. You can even have a Shakespeare trivia competition as one of the activities during the party.

6. Famous Romantic Couples theme – If your party is intended for couples then this will be the right theme for your costume get-together. Works especially great for a Valentine’s Day party.

7. Hawaiian Luau theme – This costume party theme is most popular during summer and will be the most fun if you have a swimming pool as well. Don’t forget the pineapples and leis.

8. Scavenger Hunt/Detective Mystery theme – Ask your guests to wear the costume of their favorite detective as they look for items in your scavenger hunt contest.

9. Superheroes & Villains theme – Adults are kids in larger bodies and would definitely be enticed to wear a costume of their favorite superhero or villain.

10. Period theme (‘20s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, etc.) – You can have several options for this type of themed party depending on which era you are going to choose. Pick a decade and time travel your way to an evening of costumed fun.

With party ideas that span hundreds of years from Ancient Rome to Shakespeare to the 1980s, planning a costume event for adults doesn’t have to be a daunting take. Get inspired today and reap the rewards when your guests arrive ready for a fun time.

How to Incorporate Wigs Into Your Costume

No costume is complete until all aspects of the character you are trying to represent are taken into account. Putting on a white shirt and jeans and claiming you’re Homer Simpson simply won’t cut it. You need to dress the part, and that includes wardrobe, accessories, and hair – or in the case of this cartoon dad – lack thereof.

An often overlooked facet to any costume, hair tends to be ignored because most people do not want to dye their ‘do or style it in such a way that will leave them feeling embarrassed.  But make no mistake, hair is an important part of the costume; it can garner the most attention towards your look.

In order to remedy the hair situation for a costume, the natural choice is instead to wear a wig.  Wigs have a variety of uses with the primary one being protection to allow the wearer to avoid damaging their hair for one night out in costume with friends.

If you can and are willing to style up your hair and color it in such a way to match your costume, then by all means do. It can look just as good as a wig and possibly even better. However, when you don’t want to put damaging chemicals in your hair for a single celebration, we suggest finding a wig that not only works for your costume, but also draws people’s attention.

Wigs for Women

if you are dressing up as a dancer or adult performer, you could easily just wear revealing clothing.  Think about it, though, It’s not any more difficult to add a sexy wig that is either a bright color (pink, purple) or a color opposite your skin tone (blond if you have a dark skin tone, black if you have blond hair and a light skin tone). This will make you stand out as well as look different than your usual appearance which helps turn the costume into its own persona.

Guys Wigs

Elvis Presley can be a difficult costume to pull off, but although people can find the clothing, most people try to make the hair themselves out of their own hair. If you add an Elvis wig instead, you can certainly enhance the look.

Wigs have a certain subtlety in that they can be effortlessly used to add that extra bit of drama to your outfit. If you or your child are dressing up as an elegant character, such as a princess, you could easily leave your hair as is and merely add a tiara, but if you get a costume wig with long brown hair that has been already styled it will help make all the parts of your costume come together and look like more than just a dress and jewelry.  Wigs are not only a way to add an extra piece to your costume, they are also a way to engage the eyes of others so that your costume becomes more memorable.

When Toga is a No-Go: 5 Alternative Costume Party Ideas for Greek Life

Membership in a fraternity or a sorority can be a huge highlight in the life of a college student, especially with all the activities and parties that can be enjoyed while preparing themselves for entering the “real world” after graduation. There are great opportunities for them to socialize and meet people who might become good friends and colleagues for life. They may even get a chance to host some of the parties for their fraternity or sorority. These are traditionally festive get-togethers, usually involving some beer and good fun.

One of these gatherings can be a costume party for Greek life. If you’re attending this type of party you might assume you have to wear a toga, the kind of dress worn by ancient Greeks and Romans. However, this theme can get boring if you just hold toga parties all the time. So here are some other great costume party ideas for Greek life:

1. Greek Mythology – You’ll never run out of ideas if you are hosting a party based upon Greek mythology. There are several gods & goddesses to choose from for you and your brothers or sisters. There are also quite a few stories and situations if you wish to have a story specific theme for the party.

2. Greek Philosophers – Ask the party goers to dress up like their most admired philosopher. You can even have trivia contests. It may sound geeky but, hey, you’ll be surprised how much fun this can be!

3. The Olympics – Since the Olympics started out in Athens, Greece, why not hold a theme party based on this? You can hold competitions similar to those played in ancient times, especially for all your buff sports buddies.

4. Renaissance – Still somewhat similar to ancient times but with more variety in clothing. You can also base the theme of your party from a certain point in Renaissance history.

5. Greek Food – Oopah! What’s the next best thing about Greece other than its colorful history? Greek food! Start by getting the wine flowing, of course. Stuff yourself with Greek inspired culinary treats like spanakopita or souvlaki. You can even dress up like your favorite Greek food.

Although togas will forever be associated with fraternity and sorority bashes, as you can see there are many more creative spins you can adopt for a costume party based on Greek life.

Capes: Not Just for Vampires and Superheroes

The best costumes are the ones that are the most unique. They leave an impression in the minds of others because they have created a connection with another person through their creativity – something that both the wearer and audience will not soon forget. One of the ways to do this is with a cape.

Most people see costume capes as something designed for vampires or superheroes. However, adding a cape to your costume doesn’t just benefit bloodsuckers and Batmen. Capes can be worn in a variety of ways to improve a great number of different costumes in order to create an unforgettable disguise.

1. Elegance

Capes have a built-in elegance all their own. They flap slowly in the wind. They trail behind you as if you are flying and can shine or gleam in a regal manner suitable for royalty. Use that elegance to your advantage. You can add a cape to any renaissance or middle ages prince or king outfit and make the costume appear richer as though you are royalty yourself.

2. Evil

Capes are widely regarded as a sign of evil. If you’re dressed as an evil villain, adding a cape will help to create a dramatic exit when you are leaving, about to perform your dastardly deeds. Dracula is not the only one that can use a cape to slink away into the night. Think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Any evil character will do.

3. Super, Thanks for Asking!

Of course, one of the best uses for a costume cape is to make something “Super.” Capes are closely associated with superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but you do not need to limit yourself to already known superheroes to pull of the cape look. Anything can be “super.”

For example, if you dressed up in full pimp gear, all you need to do is add a cape and you can be Superpimp! “Master of all things pimp…able to turn anyone pimp with just a slap against the cheek.” Or if you are dressed as Santa Claus you can be “Super Claus – Able to reach tall chimneys to deliver millions of gifts in a single night!” There are a limitless number of possibilities for the cape, and as long as you can come up with a good joke to accompany its use, adding a cape can turn your regular character into the super version of that character.

4. Just for Kicks

The final use for the cape is to simply wear a cape. Capes gather people’s attention, and if you wear a cape to a party, you are bound to find a lot of people asking you why you are wearing a cape – especially if it doesn’t match your outfit. Your answer can simply be “Why not?” And you are likely to leave a fairly significant impression on those individuals throughout the night.

As you can see, capes have a large number of potential benefits for their wearers. Adding a cape to any outfit can change the outfit completely and turn an ordinary costume into an unusual or extraordinary costume.