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10 Tips for an Outrageous Pimp & Ho Costume Party

As a host, the goal of a good party is to throw one your guests are going to both enjoy at the time and remember after it’s all over. While a costume party on its own is always a popular idea, it’s always better to have a theme that encourages your guests to come fully dressed up and ready to let loose in the spirit of the occasion. A Pimp & Ho costume party is that rare type of celebration to unite provocative costumes with boisterous energy for a guaranteed good time.

You’re simply not allowed to attend a Pimp & Ho costume party without fully dressing up. Tucking a feather in a baseball cap and donning a long coat just will not cut it. You need to prepare a full ensemble, along with some unique ideas up your sleeve. Here are ten costume suggestions that you or your guests can use to come up with their own streetwise costume.

For the Pimps:

1. Colors – For pimps, clashing colors is the key to success. A purple suit with a green shirt or a green suit with a pink hat, whatever you choose, it should stand out because the pimp that wears a boring color like dark blue or black isn’t going to be ruling the streets any time soon. But remember, the suit jacket always has to match the pants, and every accessory has to have a matching color elsewhere. Pimps are nothing if not consistent.

2. Accessories – Besides the suit, hat, and feather that are standard for any pimp costume, there are other clothing pieces that add to the ensemble. “Gators,” or shoes that are made from what looks like alligator skin, are clearly a must and if you can add tinted glasses, that’s also a boost for your outfit. It’s important to note that despite their occupation, pimps are always clean. There are no smudges on the pimp outfit, nor are there any wrinkles. Everything you wear needs to be crisp and sharp for maximum effect.

3. Furs – That’s right, if you can get some dead animal on you, you are bound to show off some true pimpness. A fur scarf, maybe some fur lining on your long jacket and you’re all set. In addition, pimps love silk, so keep that in mind when picking out your threads.

4. Jewelry – Bling is mandatory. Full gold chains, gold teeth, rings on your fingers; it all needs to be there if you want to fully display your pimp style. Pimping is an art form, and like any great composition, it is the small details that make the picture come together. Don’t forget the pimp canes as well. Every pimp needs to have his cane.

5. Extras – The true pimp goes beyond these basic ideas, because he’s too pimp to follow conformity. If you want to add some extra pimp to your style, you can always wear one single glove for smacking your hos around, complete with baby powder all across the surface. You can also add a mirror that faces upwards on the bottom of your cane that pimps use to examine the “merchandise.” The key to being a true pimp is to think of all the little things the pimp needs to do his job, because as we all know, pimping ain’t easy.

And Now, the Hos

6. Dress and Shoes – Hos don’t wear expensive, sexy cocktail dresses. High-class prostitutes wear cocktail dresses. Hos wear dresses they bought at Value Village. Make sure you’re wearing a gown that screams “cheap” along with showing a whole lot of skin. Hos don’t dress all that nicely, so feel free and wrinkle your dress up as you see fit. The only rule with colors is that you are never, ever supposed to match your pimp. As far as shoes go, don’t just think “heels,” think “ridiculous heels.” The taller they make you, the better off you are.

7. Hair – Hos don’t always wear their real hair. If you want to be a true ho, you may need to pop on a wig made out of a hair that is a different color than yours. Bright colors like pink, green and white are okay.

8. Jewelry and Accessories – Hos can’t wear too many accessories because they don’t want them stolen or uncomfortably scratching the customers. Some large hoop earrings are fine, and long, fake nails are authentic ho material.

9. Makeup – Smudged wherever and whenever possible. After all, ho-ing is a messy job.

10. Bonuses – If you want to go all out with your Ho outfit, you can always add blush on only one cheek and a handprint made of baby powder. You can add the tattered stockings or the black eye, the creativity is up to you.

Not just anyone can be a pimp or ho this Halloween, the status has to be earned with an eye-popping and dynamic costume. By following the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to the top in a highly competitive Pimp & Ho market. Pimps, be sure to keep that hand strong and no matter what happens, always remember the best ho is one who rakes in the ducats.

Tips on Hosting a Successful Girls Costume Party

With Halloween rapidly approaching, planning and hosting a girls costume party is a bit trickier than merely sending out invitations, buying an outfit, and providing food and drink. There are numerous other aspects to take into consideration, from determining what overall theme the party will have, to ensuring that all of the participants dress up, and to ways to get the girls to interact throughout the night.

1. Getting the Party Started
To begin preparations for the festivities, invitations should be sent out along with personal notes and/or phone calls to parents to make sure the guest dresses up in costume. Stay friendly in the tone of your message, but also assertive that the costume theme should be adhered to. Should a child not dress up for the party or should the child dress up in a hastily thrown together outfit while all of the other participants are in elaborate costumes, that child is going to feel left out, potentially putting a strain on the success of the dress-up party. If you have additional costumes on hand, be sure to make them available to the guests, in the event that parents cannot afford or do not have sufficient time to provide them for their children.

2. Themes
Whether or not a costume theme is necessary and what theme will be chosen depends in large part on the age of the guests. The younger the girls, the more a theme may be a good idea, if for no other reason than to make it easier on the parents who will have to shop for the outfit by limiting the choices. In general, it’s best to stick with standard themes such as angels, princesses and animals, though superheroes and popular TV or movie character costumes can definitely work. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it has enough possible variations to reduce the likelihood that two guests will have the same outfit.

3. Games and Activities
Picking costume party games for girls can be simultaneously easy and difficult. Easy because girls will likely enjoy pretty much everything when they’re celebrating with friends, but also difficult because coming up with a game to matches the concept of a dress-up party is always a challenge.

If possible, base the activity idea off the theme. If you have a princess-themed party, you can always do a game like “Pin the Lips on the Prince” or “Find the Frog that Turns into a Prince” (Make 100 paper frogs, the girls have to choose from the pile, kiss the frog, and then check the back of the frog to see if it is the one that turns into a prince) or anything along those lines. These types of games are interactive and goofy, so they should do a good job matching your party’s theme.

The group game can also incorporate dressing up as its major activity. Using a bundle of clothes and accessories, have the girls grab as much as they can in a very short time and make them dress up in those clothes, all the while taking lots of pictures of the disguises. You’ll get plenty hilarious outfits, the girls will have fun, and you will have several dozen photos for the parents and kids to take home as souvenirs.

Any girls dress-up party holds great promise to be a rousing success since kids tend to make the most out of any celebration. However, implementing a few of our tips including making sure that all of the girls dress up, giving the party a theme whenever possible and coming up with some embarrassing and fun games, your gathering is sure to be an even bigger hit with both the kids and their parents.