Six Political Costume Ideas That Will Get You Elected…for Best Costume

With the whole buzz going on about the upcoming Presidential election, most Americans are eager to show their support in one way or another. Let’s face it, whether Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Non-Partisan, or other party we’re pretty sure you have at least some interest in what will happen come November. For now, let’s put all the serious business about the politicians aside and focus on a different way to show your electoral spirit. Political costumes are just about perfect this season for both costume get-togethers and campaigning. With only 5 days between Halloween and the general election, you’ll hardly need to wear anything else. Here are six political costume ideas we’re voting for:

1. Presidential Masks – Choose from Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush, among several others. Memorize the inaugural oath for some good party conversation.

2. Dudley the Donkey – Inspired by a nickname for Andrew Jackson coined by his opponents, and first used in print in 1837, this mascot for the Democratic Party has quite a distinctive look. Depending on how much work you want to do this costume can be quite the endeavor. Might we suggest the Democrat Donkey Hat and some dark shoelaces or a black wig for the tail?

3. GOP Elephant – Since the famous 1874 political cartoon, this pachyderm has been the mascot for all things Republican. Again, a costume of this magnitude has the potential to be a big project. Fortunately the Republican Elephant Hat comes through and does most of the work, all you need is a rotund body with grey shirt and pillow and a belt tail.

4. Uncle Sam – The national personification of the United States whose image was first depicted in an illustration in 1852. He has an obvious resemblance to US Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln and is usually seen as an elderly man with white hair and goatee wearing a top hat designed with the red, white and blue theme of the US flag..

5. Civil War Soldiers – Pick a side, Northern or Southern and go from there. Union wore blue uniforms and the Confederates wore grey. Attach a variety of pins on your shirt and shoulders depending on how high of a rank you want for the character.

6. Statue of Liberty – Arguably the most recognizable icon of the USA, otherwise known as “Liberty Enlightening the World” was a gift to the American people from France in 1886. The statue is a woman wearing a long robe and a headdress with several points, holding up a lighted torch on her right hand and a book on her left. We recommend a long green tablecloth and liberty foam headpiece

Political Costumes are timely and topical this time of year. Wearing one may even inspire someone to visit the polls when they otherwise wouldn’t. With so many reasons to wear them, there’s really only one thing to do: Vote Political Costumes in 2008!


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