6 Sexy Costumes for All Time

Men are not sexy! While many women may disagree with this statement, there is nothing sexy about a hairy chest, sweaty armpits or burping. No matter how well a costume or outfit is made, no man is going to pull off a sexy outfit that manages to arouse others in the room.

On the flip side, costumes for women have become increasingly sexier over time. With each year that passes it seems less and less fabric is being used to make the outfits. Even something such as a firefighter costume for women is made in such a way that there is more leg showing than body covered. So, finding a generically sexy costume for women has become incredibly easy.

So what are 6 of the sexiest costumes of all time?

1. Chun Li – anyone that grew up in the ‘80s or ‘90s remembers Chun Li as one of the first sexy video game characters. With her giant thighs that could crush a human head, Chun Li established herself as the attractive cartoon Street Fighter that was quick enough to beat even Ryu. Her outfit is both revealing and unique and any woman that can pull off a Chun Li outfit is going to turn more than a few heads.

2. The Honey Bee – This outfit’s sexiness is a surprise to everyone. No one knows why it has such a tremendous fan following, but somehow dressing up as a bee with tiny antennae, a striped black and white shirt and a short yellow skirt with high heels seems to be high on everyone’s list.

3. French Maid – If you don’t know, you never will!

4. Supergirl – Many people mistake Supergirl for Wonder Woman, but they are not the same thing. Supergirl outfits have been made to be essentially thin blue leather bikinis with a yellow “S” on the front and a short red cape. This is not the best costume to wear in cold weather, but you’ll never hear any guys complaining.

5. Princess Leia – This is considered the sexiest costume of all time for those that grew up in the Star Wars generation. Princess Leia was every man’s fantasy and if the people going to your party or event are in their mid-30s or 40s, you can bet that this will be the most coveted costume.

6. I Dream of Jeannie – Finally, one of the sexiest costumes of all time is one of the most classic. The I Dream of Jeannie costume was taboo back when the show came out and today, it has lost even more fabric; the bellybutton is always showing and the “wishes” have gotten more sexual. Every guy’s fantasy is to have an attractive female genie at his side and this costume gets the guys one step closer to that dream.


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