5 Costume Accessories You Cannot Overlook

It’s happening more and more frequently – people dress up in costumes that end up looking like they have been thrown together at the last minute. The result is a costume that, while it may cover their entire body, is missing many of the subtle touches and nuances that turn a good disguise idea into a great one. Since it’s the smaller details that make a costume that much more memorable, here are five accessories that shouldn’t be forgotten if you intend to make an impression on Halloween or at your next costume party.

1. Shoes – Too many costume aficionados assemble a great outfit but neglect to make preparations for their feet, opting to wear normal shoes with the disguise. Fact is, shoes are one of the first things that a person notices when they see someone for the first time, and this is especially true for costumes. If your outfit is a top to bottom look, but you’re wearing standard tennis shoes, the costume will inevitably suffer. Stay true to your character and find the appropriate footwear for your costume, just make sure that whatever shoes you choose are comfortable because chances are you’ll need them for more than a few hours that night.

2. Jewelry – Selecting the most appropriate costume jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult to get the point across. Depending on the intended disguise, sometimes the right jewelry can be as small as a ring or tiara. Other times a gaudy necklace with a giant pendant is necessary to fit the bill. Think of the look you’re trying to convey and shop accordingly. Don’t be afraid to invest in a nice accessory if you plan on wearing your costume multiple times because if you choose wisely, your outfit is sure to benefit from it. However, if budget is an issue, go with novelty plastic over etched metal out of practicality. No one is going to fault you or your costume if you at least make an attempt to accessorize in the spirit of the character.

3. Weapons – If your costume subject is known to brandish a particular weapon, then that look is obviously incomplete without it. No pirate is going to be without a sword to hold in their teeth as they swing through the air, just as no devil should be without his pitchfork. Invest in a few extra weapons and you can mix and match to assemble a complete costume. Parents may want to reconsider a soldier costume for children if you have an aversion to your children playing with toy guns.

4. Capes – Sometimes, as in the case of Superman, a cape is a mandatory accessory. Other times, like an Elvis Presley costume, the costume works without one but can be even better if you’re wearing that classic white cape outfitted with some sparkling studs. Then there’s the notion that a cape regardless of the outfit just makes everything all the more festive. It’s safe to say that if the costume calls for it or you just feel like wearing one, a cape helps complete the look.

5. Wings – Determining when you’ll need to add wings is a little more precise. Insects, birds, and fairies of course need them but it’s also possible that wings can be a good springboard if you’re unsure of a costume idea. Try on a pair of wings and use your imagination…the sky’s the limit!

Costumes and accessories go hand in hand. They can be the difference between a forgettable disguise and a memorable outfit, perhaps even one worthy of winning big prizes at a costume party. Anyone can dress as Harry Potter, but not everyone is going to remember to wear his Quidditch goggles. We hope that before you put together your next look for Halloween, a school play, or any other dress-up event you’ll remember to include appropriate accessories; they’ll definitely help your costume reach its full potential.


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