Keep it Simple: 14 One-Piece Costume Ideas

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to get stressed over finding an elaborate outfit for Halloween or a theme party, then a one-piece costume is probably the best choice. A one-piece costume can be something as easy as a hair piece, wig, mask, or shirt, if you pick the right one. All you need to do is decide what you want to wear while also adhering to the theme of the party, if there is one. Another alternative is to make your own one-piece costume.

Here are some one-piece costume ideas to consider for your next Halloween or theme party:

1. Black Hooded Robe – A Halloween classic, you can go as a witch or warlock, Voldemort or a Death Eater from the Harry Potter series, a demon, or the ever popular grim reaper.

2. Kimono – Perfect for a geisha or Japanese warrior.

3. Laboratory Coat – It’s Alive! For scientist or doctor costumes.

4. White or Black Choir Robe/Gown – Hallelujah! Sing the praises as a church choir member, priest, or angel.

5. Overalls – Become a mechanic or farmhand without breaking a sweat.

6. Hospital Gown –If you want to open some eyes around the party, leave the back flap open!

7. Sports Mascot Suit – Root on your favorite team! These are usually one piece costumes.

8. Straight Jacket – Good for either an escaped mental patient or Harry Houdini look.

9. Masks – Take your pick and transform into anything from a US President, monster, animal or cartoon character.

10. Toga – Go Greek as an ancient warrior or John Belushi’s character from Animal House.

11. Superhero – Up, up and away! These can often be found as a one-piece.

12. Black Leather Jacket – Toughen up as a 1950s greaser or motorcycle rider.

13. Mardi Gras Mask – Let the good times roll! Just add bead necklaces for a little extra fun.

14. Gorilla Suit – Without a head/mask, you’re a science experiment gone awry.

Remember, a costume is what you make of it. Any of these one-piece outfits are great choices for Halloween or your next theme party. Of course, adding an accessory or two may help to improve the costume but as this list goes to show, sometimes less is more.


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