8 Ways to Improve Your Costume Using Makeup

It’s no secret; some costumes are a definite “blah” without makeup. Experienced costumers know that makeup is highly effective in accentuating the character that you’re trying to play. In fact, dressing in a somewhat plain wardrobe but wearing high-quality makeup might be all you need to stand out and impress in a fantasy guise. For those concerned about their costume budget, homemade makeup recipes are a great way to save some money if you have a little extra time. Most importantly, the makeup you wear must be safe and easy to apply.

Here are eight tips for costume makeup that will help you prepare for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or an upcoming costume party:

1. Looking Old – Costume makeup can make you look decades older, whether you plan to be a grandma, grandpa, or other aging character. This effect is usually created by applying the base makeup all over your face and neck first. You can then make a crumpled expression to show the natural wrinkles on your face by first applying lighter makeup (lighter than your skin tone). Afterwards, relax your face and fill in the creases using brown eyeliner pencil. Sunken cheeks can be created using dark makeup on your cheek hollows. Put the same kind of makeup on your hands to complete your aged look.

2. Fake Blood and Bruises – Fake blood can be made at home using water, red, blue & yellow food coloring, and white corn syrup. These ingredients must then be mixed together until it is thick enough to slide down any part of your body. However, avoid getting this on any of your good clothes since it will stain. For bruises, use deep blue eye shadow, black or dark gray eye shadow, and glittery green powder eye shadow. These should be applied by blotting then smudging to complete the bruised look.

3. Fake Warts and Scabs – Fake warts or moles can be created using whole peppercorns, corn syrup or eyelash glue, hair bristles, and non-toxic water colors or paint. Glue the peppercorns to your face and avoid placing them on or near your eyes using the corn syrup or eyelash glue. Hold it in place as it dries then glue the hair and color them. Fake scabs can be created using cornmeal, corn syrup, red or brown makeup, and gelatin. Apply a thin coat of corn syrup over your skin in whatever shape you want your scab to look like, and gently cover it with a thick layer of cornmeal. Let it dry then use the makeup to color it. Cover the “scab” with the gelatin to set and seal it in place.

4. Vampire – The vampire look is easy to accomplish. All you need is to cover your face with white makeup then outline your eyebrows, and fill them with black makeup. Draw several lines on your face using red and brown makeup, and outline your eyes. Apply fake blood at the edges of your mouth to complete this look.

5. Clown – To create a clown’s face, cover your entire face and neck (optional) with white makeup then make a big smile using red lipstick. Add additional highlights or characteristics to your clown look.

6. Witch – To create this look, cover your face with green or white makeup and follow the procedure on the “old” look mentioned on tip number 1 and the fake warts on tip number 3 in this article.

7. Fake Burns and Flesh Wounds – Use ground makeup, charcoal, petroleum jelly, and tissue paper to create fake burns. On the other hand, fake flesh wounds can be made using petroleum jelly, red food coloring, baking cocoa powder, and tissue.

8. Fake Intestines and Other Internal Organs –For fake intestines, use a pair of panty hose or stockings filled with cotton or cloth. Twist at randomly, stitch them up and soak in fake blood. Hang them from a torn bloodied shirt.

Using a bit of effort and imagination, as well as some household items, makeup can quickly transform your costume from blah to bravo. Do you have some tips for homemade makeup you’d like to share with our readers? Join in the discussion by posting a reply below!


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