6 Tips to Keep Your Costume in Great Shape

Attending costume parties for holidays such as Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and other celebrations can be a strain on whatever disguise you decide to wear. Kids in particular are very excited about the whole process and this enthusiasm often results in necessary repairs to the outfits. However, steps can be taken so that the costumes are safe to wear more than just once. Kids costumes obviously cannot be a fire hazard nor an obstruction while moving around, and should be resilient enough to withstand normal wear and tear over the course of the night. Accordingly, adult costumes should also remain intact even after a lot of dancing and activities during the party.

Here are 6 tricks to keep your costume in one piece before, during, and after your event:

1. Prior to wearing, make sure that buttons, clasps and zippers are working and sewn well on your costumes. If any of these become dislodged and you don’t have time to sew them back on, keep a no-sew fabric glue at hand for temporary stitches. The no-sew glue is also useful for keeping hems on skirts or pants in place if you don’t have time to sew them to the right size.

2. Should a thread on your costume become loose and you fear that it will unravel parts of your clothes, use hairspray over the thread to keep it in place. If the costume requires you to wear pantyhose but you accidentally get a run on it, once again hairspray will help prevent it from continuing to run.

3. If your clothes are too loose or some stitches are removed, don’t be afraid to rely on the trusty and dependable safety pin. Safety pins can definitely keep your clothes intact and can even be used to add highlights or designs to costumes such as a mummy or Baby New Year.

4. Wearing a sexy costume? Avoid showing too much skin or letting the clothes slide down your shoulders by using double adhesive or double-sided tape. Specially made double-sided tape for clothes is available to keep your outfit intact without ruining the fabric.

5. Velcro is another way to keep your costume well-fitted and intact under strenuous situations. It can also be glued on if sewing is not an option.

6. Hair pins, clips or nets can help you keep headdresses, tiaras, crowns, and any headgear that goes with your costume in place.

Wearing a costume successfully requires keeping it in place and intact even after hours of dancing, walking, or participating in games and activities. Try a few of these tips and your costume will stand the test of time for years to come.


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