The Secret Power of Masks

Masks are more than just a colorful piece of plastic you put over your head or face. Masks have the ability to change you into a different character with a new identity. They allow you to take on a personality that you may not have previously explored or experienced. Masks can transform you both visually and mentally into another person, allowing you to temporarily venture into a new world until the night is over and the mask is removed.

The Mask Effect
The secret power of masks comes across through two different benefits. The first is its ability to transform you physically into a different character, and the second is the ability to alter your personality into the character you are taking on.

1. Visual Differences
For those around you, the mask allows them to see you as someone other than yourself. Whether it is a scary mask (like one that has flesh melting off bone) or a character mask like Napoleon Dynamite or Frankenstein, you are viewed by others as a different person or creature, because the only remaining thing that reminds them of you will be your eyes.
This will allow you to enjoy the event more, and it will get people to treat you differently than they do on any other day of the year. The reaction you receive depends on the mask. If you are wearing a scary or particularly gruesome mask, it may be hard for others to look at you. Regardless, it will be a different reaction and to some that may be just what they are looking for.

2. Personality
In addition to your outward appearance, a mask has the ability to allow you to take on the personality from a character of your choice.
It starts with the perceived personality of the mask you are wearing. With a scary mask, people may think you are going to attack people throughout the night and you can heighten that fear by acting accordingly. If you are wearing a Bill Clinton mask, you can jokingly flirt with women all night for a bit of political humor. Whatever mask you decide to wear, it will allow you the opportunity to change the way you act, at least for one night.
No matter which character’s face is on the mask, the mask itself has a certain magic. When your face is hidden, you can have the confidence to act out without the worry of embarrassment and having it directly associated with yourself. People that wear masks tend to have more confidence when it is on because, if they want, any mistakes they make while wearing the mask are negated once the mask comes off.

A mask clearly has its own unique function. Whether it is a temporary change of other people’s perception of you or to change your own personality and create a new identity, a mask definitely has its own special powers.


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