5 Favorite Superhero Disguises and Costumes

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!”

Superhero costumes have always been popular. Not only are they a way to pretend to be someone heroic, but they are also full body costumes – ones that cover you from head to toe so that you can easily take on the hero persona. Here are several of the best superhero costumes and disguises:

1. Superman / Supergirl
Still the most famous superhero costumes, they remain everyone’s favorite. Superman costumes appear to be unchanged throughout the years, though many people change the center symbol from an “S” to any letter or symbol they want, so that they can pretend to be a different character. Still, in essence, they are always Superman.
Supergirl is the Superman spinoff for women, except over the years these outfits appear to have lost quite a bit of fabric. Originally Superman’s spandex underwear was over his tights. For many of these Supergirl costumes, they seem to have simply done away with the tights.

2. Iron Man
Thanks to the recent movie the Iron Man costume is incredibly popular, and for good reason. Iron Man’s outfit is powerful and equipped with all the latest gadgets, making it a prime candidate for a great costume, provided you can think of ways to create the high-tech gadgets.

3. Captain Planet
Blue skin, green hair, short red shirt and red spandex underwear. In this era of environmental activism, there is no way this costume can fail.

4. Captain America
The Captain America costume is brimming with patriotism, and provides you with not only an outfit to wear, but a sweet shield as well. This costume works just as well if you are not that patriotic, because an ironic costume is a humorous costume.

5. Batman / Batgirl
Batman costumes are still popular these days, but Batgirl costumes are gaining ground. Like Supergirl, these costumes appear to have lost a lot of their fabric, but the black cape and knee-high black leather boots make this costume a real winner. You also get to wear a mask.

The popularity of superhero costumes is not likely to die out anytime soon. But new Superheroes are popping up every year as more movies are released, thrusting several comic book characters into popular culture. Who knows what characters will be on this list next year? Perhaps Will Smith’s rebellious superhero Hancock? Only time will tell.


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